Why Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley Was Cut Short At Extreme Rules

Alexa Bliss has been great as a heel ever since she made her main roster debut. There are almost no segments that she was a part of that were even mediocre. She has done a phenomenal job with everything that she has been given to do, which makes that “This is my life” segment from Monday Night Raw look even worse.

When someone with the promo skills of Alexa Bliss can’t save a show like that, you then know just how bad of a job the writers did when they planned it. It was one of the worst segments that Monday Night Raw had in the recent memory. It didn’t do anything for the characters, it didn’t promote the title match at Extreme Rules the way the company would have liked, and it only made Alexa look bad and Bayley even worse.

Source: inquisitr.com

Their title match at the pay per view this Sunday ended in Alexa Bliss standing tall yet again over Bayley as she was able to retain the title. But, people were complaining about this match just as much as they did when WWE did that segment this past Monday night. The reason for it is the fact that it lasted only five minutes and it ended up with Bayley looking worse than ever.

According to reports, the reasoning behind WWE’s decision to have these two superstars in the ring for only five minutes were those negative reactions that This is my life segment got on Raw. They didn’t want to let them have a long match that is going to make up for the bad booking on Monday. Vince and others just wanted this one to end up quickly and painlessly.