Alexa Bliss Wins The First-Ever Women’s Elimination Chamber

It has been the era of the first-ever women’s clashes. Sasha Banks and Charlotte started it all with the first-ever main event for the women, the Hell in a Cell match, the Steel Cage battle and so forth and so on. Now, we got the first-ever Royal Rumble fight a month ago, and that battle has been followed up with the first-ever Elimination Chamber.

During the build-up for this battle, there hasn’t been much excitement for the show itself, but especially for this match. A part of the reason is the fact that Alexa Bliss’ title reign has been something that the fans wanted to go away. It seems that her time has come and gone. The other reason is that we didn’t have a lot of big stars in this clash.

Sasha Banks has been the favorite here. She has been somebody that deserves to be the champion finally. There was a chance for WWE to set up Sasha vs. Bayley which is the duel that everybody wants to see. A heel Sasha with the title being beat by Bayley is something that would make both women look great.

In the end, we got the most boring finish with Alexa winning the match and retaining the title. But, even though that is not the best booking decision for the WWE, there is no doubt that she deserves to keep this title after the performance she showed.

Bliss hasn’t been the best in-ring performer on Monday Night Raw, but this is the performance that is going to turn some heads. This match overachieved a bit since the expectations were so low. It was a job well done for every woman that was involved here.