Alfa Romeo Giulia Wagon to be Introduced for the European Market

In the US, new Alfa Romeo Giulia will go on sale in just a couple of weeks. The new Quadrifoglio model has been released in Europe recently. The car comes with a 500-hp engine, and although this is amazing, the wagon variant is not yet on sale.

However, according to an analyst at JATO Dynamic market researchers, Felipe Munoz, the wagon is inevitable. He said: “The Giulia sedan is doing reasonably well but without a wagon, it is not competing in the largest portion of the midsize premium segment.”

It is essential for Alfa Romeo to come out with a wagon in Europe because 42% of premium midsize vehicles sales are wagons. Considering that sedans account for 33% of sales, it is logical for the company to produce a wagon version too.

The company plans to sell between 75,000 and 100,000 Giulia sedans across the globe for one year. In Europe, 5,150 units have been sold in the first nine months. According to Marchionne, the platform proved to be “all we expected and more”, but he stated that in order to add different variations, it needs to be redesigned a little bit.

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“I think it’s the utilization across a wide range of applications within the group is probably the most beneficial thing we have done from a technical development in a long time,” said Marchionne.

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