Alisha Taneja- blogging her way to success with Saffron on Rose


Beating adversity at the time you’re facing it can seem like an impossible task. But looking back, overcoming challenges by facing them head-on can teach you so many things about life and yourself that you didn’t think possible.

One such story of a woman who conquered all odds to pursue what she loves and truly believes in is that of Alisha Taneja’s. Born in California to Indian parents, Alisha always had a passion for all things related to fashion and beauty. A Political Science graduate, she was studying at UCLA when she discovered her love for arts. She started her blog ‘Saffron on Rose’ in 2015 when she was inspired to share her favorites in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle with the world.

Talking about how her journey began, Alisha says, “I was studying at UCLA and majoring in Biology because my parents wanted me to become a doctor. Somewhere in the middle, I changed my major to Political Science as I wanted to do something creative. On the side, I was also blogging and growing my social media presence on Saffron on Rose, just for fun! I pursued this hobby and by the time I was graduating from college, I decided to take a leap of faith and become a full-time blogger. I moved to Hollywood on my own. My parents gave me one year to live out my dream. I saw success as a blogger and never looked back.” Don’t have a blog? Learn how to start here.

Saffron on Rose has taken Alisha from a timid teenager to a self-assured adult. She was often the victim of bullying when she was young, but today she has the confidence to make inspirational speeches in front of hundreds of people. She wants to use her influence to empower females worldwide, especially colored girls who often don’t get the representation they deserve. One of her major troubles is finding clothes that fit her right because she is petite and curvy.


In her 4 short years as a blogger, Alisha has won several accolades. She was featured on Showbiz India – the No.1 Indian channel in the USA. She was also featured on Teachable as a change-maker. Young girls who love fashion dream of working with Vogue when they grow up. Alisha was interviewed about her thoughts on the fashion industry by Vogue during Coachella! This gorgeous beauty has also been featured in Brit and Co where she talked about her struggles of having a medium skin tone. What’s more? Alisha was also recently cast in the Fash Life Series.

At present, Alisha is working as a full-time social media content creator while she also works on her blog. Talking about the best part about running her own business, Alisha says, “I love being my own boss. Being able to call the shots professionally and creatively in every new project gives me a rush every time.

She added that she loved her work and that she loves working during the nights! There are so many people who proved that when you are determined you can achieve everything and Alisha is certainly one of them.

It is good to add that Alisha is not the only successful blogger with an interesting story. If you need more inspiration we definitely recommend you to check and the story of Jo and how she transitioned to being a freelance writer and blogger.