All-New Subaru Impreza and updated Mazda 6 talked about on “Talking Cars” Podcast

The Japanese automaker Subaru has, for a long time, appealed to a buyers group that on the top spot put practicality and safety, even though their products are to some extent plain, according to “Talking Cars” Podcast team. They also pointed out that Subaru tries, very much under the pressure of competition which is becoming increasingly refined and better equipped, to keep up with the improvements and broaden its appeal further just to keep up the sales figure growth which is even by today’s standards more than impressive.

As “Talking Cars” Podcast team reports, this effort from Japanese automaker can be clearly seen on the redesigned Impreza. The new sedan and hatchback have introduced a new global platform that is supposed to underpin many future Subaru vehicles. This team also had a chance and will to drive the new Impreza extensively, and they found out that the automaker made sure that they doubled all of the brand’s strengths on this one, while also making it more fun to drive. (Here you can see the full first drive of the Subaru Impreza).

In their latest podcast session, the Cars team also addressed some of the reader’s comments regarding the Chevy Bolt, which was featured in their previous video. Here they found out that the opinions are divided among the viewers especially when you consider the uncertainty around electric car subsidies under a new president. They also had viewers clarify the problems they have been facing with the “Bolt’s unintuitive electronic shift lever.” But since we are mentioning the comments, the crew had found out that among the “Talking Cars” YouTube comments Mazda 6 is the one that comes the most often.

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The reason for that is because Mazda appeals to driving enthusiasts that are searching for efficient, reliable, and affordable midsize sedan. We could see car maker shooting out updates every single year just to try to reduce interior noise which is regarded as a big shortcoming of the vehicle. That is why they tested the 2017 Mazda6 Grand Touring which they rented and answered to the question – did the changes work? Spoiler alert – They did, a bit, according to “Talking Cars” but you can look for a full first drive episode very soon.

It is important to say that, if you are interested in this kind of reviews, you can catch “Talking Cars” for free on iTunes Store or find it on YouTube.

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