All you need to know about the Android Auto head Unit

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Have you ever got into trouble for checking your phone while driving? Have you ever got into a confusing state and anxiety when you received a new text message while you are driving? If yes, then this year we are announcing some good news for you. You can enter Google’s connected car solution and have less to worry about.

What is android auto?

This is an application that gives you an easy time using your phone while you are on trails. However, it will only work if you have 2015 or later models. If you want to go for this method, then you just need to connect your phone to this application, and everything else will follow. Android Auto will only work on phones running on 5.0 (Lollipop) and later versions. By just connecting this application to your phone, you can use navigation, music, and messaging apps on your cars on-dash display.

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This system is now available in almost all automobile manufacturers starting from 2015 models. However, Toyota and BMW don’t support it because they have already stated they have no plans to offer this feature on their vehicles.

The good thing is that you can add this feature to the car you already own. It’s as simple as upgrading your factory stereo. Today, some companies like Pioneer offer a range of Android Auto compatible head units. However, when you are looking to have this feature in your vehicle, you have to look for the best providers. Look for the best Android Auto head unit for your car. Besides this, there are several other things that you should know before you go for a specific android Auto Head Unit. At this point in time, we will talk of some of the most imperative things to bear in mind when investing in a good android auto head unit.

How does Android auto work?

Understanding how this feature works doesn’t need a lot of mathematics or science. You are just required to plug your phone into the car, and you will get the functionality of most phones’ applications on your dashboard display. Since you get access to all these applications on your dashboard, you can at all time swipe through them as you would do with your phone.

Download the android auto app for your phone

The reality of the matter is that even when you connect your phone with a compatible car, you will be prompted to download it. What this means is that it is quite easy to do it before you start using it. After downloading this application, there are several other commands that you will be asked to agree with before you start using it. You have to agree with the normal legal disclaimers and at the same time allow the app to get access to some applications and control some other phone’s functionality.

The applications will at last help you create a Bluetooth connection, and within no minutes you will get access to some applications including messaging, phone contacts, phone call, music and many more.

Basic functions you can control

When you are choosing Android auto head unit, first of all, know what you are buying it to do. In this regard, you are buying it to control four basic functions-messaging, phone calls, navigation and entertainment (music, news, etc.).

It is now easy to use the navigation feature in your phone while driving like you would use it on your phone. With this application, you can pinch to zoom in on a map. It is now easy to do all this without having to check your phone time to time.

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Using a Bluetooth connection with this feature, you can place and receive phone calls either with voice commands or using the touchscreen. The other reason why almost every car owner is going for this application is due to the fact that if the messages are sent on your phone; you will not have to take your phone to read it. They will be read out loud while you listen and say the message to record and send it. Once you say what you want, it will be converted into text messages and sent as a reply.

Which apps work with android auto?

The reality of the matter is that not many apps work with android auto. We both know that you don’t need all the phone’s applications while you are driving. What this means is that you just need some essential apps to keep running. If you can just be able to access navigation, messaging, phone calls and at the same time be able to answer and make calls without having to bother yourself, then everything else will be okay. The good news is that you can as well listen to music and get other forms of entertainment while you are driving without any worries.

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Does android auto take control of the dashboard?

If you are worried about this issue, then take a deep breath because I have a good response. There are some of the people worried that android auto may take control of the dashboard. However, this is not true. The fact is that you cannot use this feature to select radio stations, adjust the A/C in the car or even turn on cruise control. This feature works the same as Apple’s Carplay, and for this reason, you will be required to use the normal commands to change temperatures, select radio stations and perform any other task.

Where is Android Auto Available?

You can get access to this feature whenever you are residing in the 31 countries that are listed. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot get access to this even on other countries. It all depends on the care model you have and some few other factors. However, it is quite easy to access it while you are in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Germany, France, India, Chile, Costa Rica, Canada, United States, Venezuela, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Russia, Spain and many more.