Almost 15 years later The Rock reacts to his first leading role in The Scorpion King

With The Rock’s very successful career lately, people somehow are not as excited as before when they see him in a lead role of a new movie. We all are aware that he has been in almost every genre from The Mummy Returns to the upcoming The Fate of the Furious, animated Moana and much, much more. But that will not be the focus of today’s story. We will turn our attention to some of his early work, like his first ever leading role in The Scorpion King.

Most of you probably saw it, if you didn’t you probably just recently got back to it, but what you didn’t know is that it is already 15 years old. The Scorpion King was made by Universal Pictures, directed by Chuck Russell and it starred actors like Steven Brand as Memnon, Michael Clarke Duncan as Balthazar and Kelly Hu as The Sorceress. This film was released just a year after The Rock appeared as an actor in the movie The Mummy Returns. But since this is The Scorpion King’s 15th anniversary Dwayne decided to celebrate it by releasing a video on his YouTube channel called “The Rock Reacts,” and it shows his reaction to his first leading role ever.

As you could see from the video, Dwayne starts by explaining how exactly he got to making The Scorpion King, and I thought it is an interesting story. It is funny how things manage to resolve in a positive way from a very bad situation that he had that day, with him being sick and all. But the tough man as he was and with his determination he continued, didn’t call it quits and look just where it got him. Look Ma’ I’m on top of the world! Right?!

Well, most what Dwayne spoke in this video was not hard to imagine or expect. We all knew that he is a tough one and that he likes to do a lot of things by himself, but I really didn’t know that those were real killer ants. Man, this guy is hardcore. The jump from the tower after archers shot at him was incredible, and apparently, he did that without a stunt man, but that 180-foot fall is possibly too much for him, and he had to use his stunt double. There are limitations even for our Dwayne as it seems. He, of course, praises his double and I am actually surprised that they stayed together after all these years.

I liked one more segment from the video, and that is the one where he describes the life of a Hollywood star. He says that he is always around pretty women and they basically glue to him, and it also wasn’t too hard to believe. But at the end when he described the romantic scene with Kelly, that fart machine he set up kinda surprised me and made me laugh like crazy as well. Must always be hilarious on the set with Dwayne. We saw an example of that from the Central Intelligence movie bloopers he did with Kevin Hart.

Love these series Rock, keep up the good work! Looking forward to the next one! Are you?