Alphabet Inc (GOOG) Google’s Second Android App Development Guide Now Out

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“Hot off the press” is how Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GGOG)’s Google’s Dom Elliot announced the updated version of their developer guide. Elliot, who represents Google Play Apps & Games, said: “You can now download the second edition to learn about all the new tools and best practices for improving the quality of your app, growing a valuable audience, increasing engagement and retention, and earning more revenue,”

The first edition came out last year. “We introduced our first playbook for developers, ‘The Secrets to App Success on Google Play,’ to help you grow your app or game business, which has been downloaded more than 200,000 times,” recounts Elliot. Many users have found the guide useful, giving positive feedback. The second version will be valuable to Android developers as it covers the latest Android features this past year.

Google is exploring all possible avenues to ensure that mobile users’ needs are met by Google Search.  A Google spokesperson explained that making apps easily available “helps Google because Google’s search business is predicated around helping you find useful content.

If more and more of that useful content is only located within apps, it becomes more hard to deliver on that mission.” Google is aware that apps supply information to mobile users who therefore have less need to do their research on the Web.

The guide teaches developers how to conduct better beta testing, how to attract users, and how to experiment in store listings to make their presence felt.

The new guide is available at the Android Developers Website and on Google Play. Presently in English, Google promises to release it in other languages as well soon – French, Spanish, and other languages.

On Google’s Android Developer YouTube Channel, a series of videos are available featuring tips for developers. For now only two videos are available. Google will be releasing two videos per week until the 10-part series is completed.