Google and TAG Heuer Launch Luxury Alternative to the Apple Watch

Tag Heuer Google Watch

The collaboration of Google, TAG Heuer and Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) has given way to a powerful watch called TAG Heuer Connected. The wearable runs on Android Wear and it is promising to give Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s Apple Watch a run for its money because it brings the flavor of traditional watch that modern-day smartwatches lack.

If there was anything that fans of legacy watches didn’t love in smartwatches such as the Apple Watch, TAG Heuer Connected is promising to satisfy their craving. Although the wearable boasts the ultra-modern features that one would expect to have in a connected watch, it brings back the true experience of wearing a watch.

Two-in-one screens
The TAG Heuer Connected features a two-in-one screen whereby one renders the experience of a smartwatch in the sense that it has a full color display and backlit feature. The other screen is a little more traditional in the sense that it lacks backlit and its display is monochromatic.

Always-on screen
The traditional screen in TAG Heuer Connected is always on and that is a key feature that distinguishes the watch from the regular connected smartwatches. You find that smartwatches such as the Apple’s Watch welcome you with a blank screen because they go to sleep to save on battery power, which is quite unlike the experience that traditional watch fans are used or desire in a watch.

As such, TAG Heuer Connected is a watch that appears to have a soul unlike its rivals, which for reasons such as battery life, cannot afford to be always on.

As for Alphabet, Heuer Connected is an important lesson about how to make watches that have a soul in the sense that they can stay on even when not in use yet without taking a serious hit on the battery life.

Alphabet supplied the operating system that powers Heuer Connected while Intel contributed the chip. Heuer brought the design and the concept of a smartwatch that is more of a watch than merely a connected device.

An inspiring connected watch
Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) can apply the lessons learned in the making of TAG Heuer Connected to inspire its hardware partners or itself to develop powerful Android wearables capable of giving Apple serious competition.

Heuer Connected goes for $1,500. For an additional $1,500, you get a companion watch that is more mechanical than Heuer Connected.