Alphabet Inc (GOOG)’s Google Puts YouTube App to Use to Expand Virtual Reality Technology

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s Google is extending its involvement in virtual reality by launching two new features designed to avail VR videos on YouTube. The features will initially be launched for YouTube’s Android app.

The company announced that the VR video format will allow users to access realistic 360-degree films, thus making it easier to solve the problem of limited content. It is also aimed at taking advantage of mobile phones and Google’s cardboard viewer to bring the deliver the technology to more users.

One of YouTube’s posts stated that VR technology uses the same principles that the human eye uses to view the world and incorporates it into videos to provide a sense of depth.

Users who wish to immerse themselves in the technology through YouTube must first search the video they want to view, and then tap the cardboard icon before placing the phone in the cardboard viewer.

Google is also encouraging virtual reality content makers to upload their VR-compatible videos on YouTube. It also encouraged video makers to familiarize themselves with VR technologies such as the Jump to capture videos.

The new VR video features further add to Google’s portfolio of VR-related engagements, putting it at the forefront against other rivals making their way into virtual reality. Its cardboard VR is conveniently priced and available for purchase from online stores for as little as $14.99.

Oculus Rift, which uses similar technology, is expected to launch next year and will be priced between $300 and $350, a huge price difference compared to Google Cardboard VR. Earlier in the year, Google made its VR blueprints available to other parties that might be interested in the mass production of the gadget. The plan was to speed up awareness and access to VR viewers.

Now that VR videos are getting easier to access from public sources, the adoption of virtual reality technology is expected to switch to high gear. Neil Schneider, executive director of VR trade organization Immersive Technology Alliance, stated that high-quality Virtual reality content will soon be available. He also noted that there might be fewer armature videos because the technology used to create virtual reality is expensive.

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