Alphabet Inc (GOOG)’s Google Routes for Collaboration among Techs in Forcing ISIS to the Dark Web

Google MountainView Campus

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s Google has said that it requires other tech companies to collaborate with it in forcing ISIS to the dark web. Jared Cohen, a Google executive, said that forcing ISIS to the dark web will go a long way in curbing the online activities of the terror organization.

This statement comes at a time when it has come to the realization of the world that ISIS heavily relies on its online activities for its survival. The group has consistently identified and recruited highly skilled individuals who now work within its ranks. The individuals, who have different software engineering skills, have been organised into purpose-driven groups. Some groups have concentrated on hacking what the group considers as high-value networks.

Other groups concentrate on posting propaganda on social media. The group has a highly elaborate propaganda machine that ensures propaganda messages are posted on different social media platforms and widely distributed. The messages are used to recruit targeted individuals, confuse the general public and demoralize authorities who are opposed to the activities of the group.

It is in light of this that Cohen believes that for the war against the online programs of the terror group to bear fruit, there is need for more coordination. He believes that Google can work to limit the online presence of the group to the dark web. But for this to succeed, he says that there is need for other tech companies such as Microsoft and Yahoo to join forces with Google and banish anything that is related to ISIS from what may be referred to as the light side of their search engines.

What Cohen is suggesting is simple. Right now, several white hackers groups have started a war against the terror group. Their aim is to hack into all the accounts that the terror group uses on different social media platforms and bring them down. And since ISIS has been known to be constantly setting up new accounts on different social media platforms, this war is set to continue for a long time.

Once their presence on the social media has been checked, Google believes that the group will now be forced to rely on typical search engines. This is where the plan of Cohen comes in; to chase them away from the main internet as well. Once this is done, the terror group, he says, will be forced to operate in the dark web, an area of the internet that is associated with underground activities and is note accessible to the general public.