Alphabet Inc (GOOG)’s Google’s “Moonshot Project” Could be a Game Changer for the Future

Google MountainView Campus

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s Google is already providing a clear picture of what the future of mobile apps might be like.

The company is working on an experiment where apps can run on mobile devices without having to download them. This feature is known as “stream.” Google has been working with nine apps as part of the project development.

The idea is to allow access to some of the features of those apps through mobile search without necessitating any download. This means users can get access to all the features of an app through the search, thus freeing up the RAM that would have been taken up by an installation.

The company can achieve these features by allowing applications to run through virtual machines on its cloud. The process necessitates a WIFI connection so that the features can work on the user’s device. Lan Liu, an engineer involved in the project stated that they are proud that the project that was once a fantasy has been transformed into a reality.

App streaming might not be a big deal or as appealing as other moonshine projects such as autonomous vehicles but it could be a major move for developers and users. Apart from saving space, it also promises faster results and having different features available from a central point makes the experience more efficient. The feature also allows the user to gain access to more information, thus overcoming the barrier of information that was previously limited to what Google knew.

A good example of how well the feature works is an incident where one is looking for a hotel. Other features such as maps, pricing and other services also become available in the same search. One can even make reservations and purchases without having to exit and engage a different task. The feature will, therefore, offer a full range of experiences to the user and a whole new appreciation of the search feature.

Another advantage is the fact that the feature creates a bridge over which users can overcome location barriers. For example, a case where apps are available in limited areas, accessing them online allows a wider access to these features.

Sources: businessinsider