Alphabet Inc (GOOG)’s Google Loses Another Manager to Uber

Fast-growing taxi company, Uber has poached another high-profile manager from Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG).

Manik Gupta was Google’s director of product management and had previously been involved in Google maps for seven years. He announced his shift to Uber on LinkedIn and will assume the director’s position over Uber’s maps product. Google previously lost Brian McClendon to Uber. Mr. McClendon also previously worked on Google Maps before he was poached by Uber in July.

The list continues with Tom Fallows who is the former founder of Google Express. He now occupies an executive position in Uber. The latter also poached Rachel Whetstone, former head of Google Communications and SVP. He holds a similar position in the taxi firm. The number of people migrating from Google to Uber is so noticeable that it is said that one out of every three people working in Uber worked at Google at some point in their lives.

According to a LinkedIn analysis, about 300 individuals working at Uber are former Google employees. The rivalry between the two firms is growing rapidly. In 2013, Google invested about $250 million in Uber through Google Ventures. Uber has grown rapidly since then, and both firms are now encroaching on each other’s space.

When Uber began operating, it used Google Maps for its apps but the firm is now working on its own maps. Manik Gupta will oversee the development of the maps. The two companies are also working on technology for the future especially with autonomous vehicles and quick delivery services. Uber’s ability to enter the market and grow rapidly has been attributed to the incorporation of well thought out strategies and strong management.

The company plans to take advantage of upcoming technologies to develop products that will create more convenience and appeal to customers. It also seeks to com grow into a capacity that will ensure its continuous success in the future.

The trend of poaching employees is a concept that has been in existence for years as firms seek individuals who are experienced in various fields to help push growth. Some of the other companies that have adopted the same strategy include Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and Dropbox.