The amazing images of how people looked before and after their fitness transformation


Have you ever wondered how much junk food you eat every day? And have you ever wondered how much damage it could cause to your organism? Maybe not instantly, but throughout a longer period of time, it will reflect on it, and you will not be able to prevent the ugly transformation from happening. A certain amount of unhealthy products we bring in is unavoidable, but there is a solution for that as well, and it’s called – exercising!

But then again, we face another problem. Ok, I’ll start my training routine next Monday, promise. How many times have you said this to yourself? And then, somehow, when that Monday finally arrives, you suddenly realize that the next Monday will actually be perfect for starting a healthier lifestyle, but this Monday is just not conceived for such radical changes. So, you are about to see some people who were strong enough to make a change, and hopefully, they will inspire you to do the same.

1. After three years

2. Two years of exercising

3. Four years and 40 pounds less

4. Six months of hard work, 24 years old, from 137lbs to 160lbs

5. Three months of hard work

6. Two years transformation

7. Two years of healthy lifestyle

8. Two years going from 59kg to 78,5kg

9. Three year transformation

10. Four years transformation

11. Eight years of hard work have turned an avid gamer into a top athlete

12. My 2,5 year vegetarian bodybuilding progress

13. Five years apart

14. Five years progress

15. Only after four months

16. Four months progress

17. After two years

18. Three years of dedication

19. After only one year

20. Week 1 and week 18 – tremendous difference

21. My several-year transformation from a skinny 145lbs teenager to a working 190lbs fitness model

22. Two years of discipline