Ambrose And Rollins Back Together On Monday Night Raw


The most intriguing storyline outside of the main event picture on Monday Night Raw has been the one with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Once a part of the Shield, one of the most popular factions in the WWE of all time, they are trying to repair all the burned bridges that Seth Rollins set on fire when he turned on Ambrose and Reigns two years ago.

The basics behind this storyline are that Dean Ambrose can’t trust the guy that betrayed him once. Seth Rollins is trying to make up for what he did back in 2014, while Ambrose doesn’t believe that Rollins has changed from his days with the Authority. Sheamus and Cesaro, the tag team champions have used this situation to get the better of the duo, but now, after this edition of Monday Night Raw, it seems that former Shield brothers are on the same page.


The crowd went crazy when these two teased uniting once more. That just shows how popular the shield was and how big they were back in the day when they were ruling the WWE. Fans wanted this to happen, but the company didn’t give it right away, which was a great decision by them as they wanted to build things up a little bit more.

Now, Ambrose and Rollins are going to challenge for the titles that Cesaro and Sheamus hold at WWE Summerslam this Sunday. It is going to be great to see these two united again. With them on the show, there is no doubt that the fans are looking forward to this match. WWE has done a great job booking this storyline so far, but they can make it even better. Let’s see what they do at the biggest party of the summer this Sunday.