American Horror Story Season 7 first trailer! Big spoilers ahead, tread carefully!

Well, finally something for the hardcore fans of the FX series American Horror Story and it comes in the form of the first trailer for the upcoming Season 7. What is unfortunate is that the trailer is pretty much a teaser with only 15 seconds of content so if you are not careful, you might actually miss something. This teaser clip was released on the Latin American Twitter page of the show.

The short teaser previews a darkened room filled with white balloons while in the background we can hear a very bone-chilling music box soundtrack. The next thing is camera panning into the room where we have only one red balloon that bursts and gives you a glimpse of something sinister and dangerous. And that comes in the form of an evil clown in a tuxedo with a mask that has a faded American flag on top, stitched over the mouth and hollow black triangle for eyes. Spooky right?!

The show’s creator Ryan Murphy also dropped this teaser on his Twitter account as well as few pictures from the set of season seven. On one of those images, we saw someone entirely covered in bees which hide her/his face apart from the nose, as you can see. With the photo, Murphy decided to drop a title saying “AHS last clue before this week’s TITLE reveal. Ideas?” Murphy is not being secretive about the upcoming Season 7 of the AHS at all, and he has been giving hints about season seven all over. In one he released a teaser image showing a strange monster, a clown mask and a book with veteran character Twisty the Clown. In other, he shared some spoilers about the Season 7 villain where he released a sketch of a man wearing a pretty grotesque elephant mask.

The mask we just mentioned, if you didn’t see it already, had an exaggerated red mouth and hollow eyes which gave it a warped clown look which is supposed to keep with the show’s horror tenets. If you didn’t know the Season 7 has an election theme to it and the sketch mentioned above should add on to that since the elephant is the symbol of the American Republican party, and the creature is pretty much supposed to represent the current leader of the Republican Party and US President Donald Trump.

American Horror Story Season 7 Release Date

Season 7 is scheduled to air in September in the US but what is yet unknown is when it will be airing in the UK. Stay tuned for any additional info and news that will come in the forthcoming period.

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