Android Beats iOS While Apple Devices Beat Other, In Online Ad Impressions

Android rules the top position, in terms of ad impression, compared to all other operating systems, according to Millenial media. Android captured 51 percent of all ad impression in the second quarter of 2013 as per the recent report of Millennial Media Mobile Mix report. Android share was a surge from 46 percent in the second quarter of 2012 and a decline of one percentage point from the previous quarter.

iOS and OS 10 at 2nd and 3rd spot

On the second spot, is as expected, its iOS that strongly gained the ad impressions share to 42 percent in the second quarter compared to 34 percent in the corresponding quarter of the previous year. Android and iOS together took away 93 percent of all impressions leaving negligible share for other mobile platforms.

BlackBerry OS10 witnessed a decline in share to 7 percent from 15 percent. Windows Phone and Nokia Symbian who captured 4 percent and 1 percent respectively in 2012’s second quarter, did not make to the list this time.

Apple rules in device makers rankings

In device makers ranking, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) dominated with 39 percent of total ad impressions and iPhone took the top spot with 22 percent of the share. Third and Fourth spot was also taken by Apple’s iPad and iPod Touch respectively in the list of top 20 devices.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (LON:BC94) (KRX:005930) was on the second spot with 26 percent of market share backed by its Galaxy S smartphone, which was second most popular device in top 20 lists with 9.8 percent share. Galaxy Note from Samsung gained 44 percent in the ad impression.

Web traffic data suggests otherwise

However, these ad impression percentages do not help in arriving at any clear picture due to set of reasons for which owners spend much time online compared to others, says a report from TechFortune. Like, in the second quarter according to IDC, 79 percent of the smartphones sold were android compared to 13 percent for iOS, but still iOS Web traffic shares for August was around 55 percent.

In a report published by Piper Jaffray, analyst  Gene Munster, tried to explain the discrepancy,  revealing that Apple gained more than 65 percent of web usage share in the United States whereas, android remains around 30 percent. Munster gave three reasons, the first being iOS becoming the most popular smartphone platform in the United States with 50 percent share on both AT&T and Verizon. The other reason that he noted was those having iOS devices use the web more than those having android devices on an average. Tablets based on iOS platforms are contributing to the Apple’s share more than that of Android’s.