Android Marshmallow 6.0 Coming to BlackBerry PRIV in May!

Android Marshmallow

Good news for BlackBerry PRIV users. The Android Marshmallow (M) is going to be available for the phone at and all other outlets which offer the PRIV starting May 3rd. To install and upgrade to the latest version all users need to do is to download the update straight to their PRIV devices, (at least with WIFI to avoid data charges). The update is to come with some BlackBerry updates.

PRIV joins an elite group of smartphones which use the October released Android Marshmallow operating system. As of April 4th, the penetration rate of the new Android Marshmallow OS has been low but adoption rate seems to be rising up. Only 4.6 percent of Android users have updated so far. Therefore in keeping with the trend, BlackBerry is releasing the Android Marshmallow update, which BlackBerry only started beta testing it less than a month ago.

BlackBerry says in keeping up with its commitment to security, they have been able to utilize the enhanced privacy, security, and usability features that come with the new Marshmallow software. BlackBerry has included some other features on top of the Android Marshmallow software in security, BlackBerry keyboard, BlackBerry Hub, BlackBerry Launcher, battery performance, and camera features.

More Privacy and Security features added by BlackBerry. There are now more ways to control privacy and better protect yourselves including:

  • Customized Personal Data Permissions – the DTEK now gives you the power to control which apps to share to, what to share and when. Permissions can now be switched on and off and still use the app.
  • Clearer Notification Settings – notification controls for apps that have specifically requested access only.
  • S/MIME Support – The new S/MIME feature allows users to digitally sign and encrypt emails. Another layer of security.

Enhanced BlackBerry Keyboard:

  • More Emoji – more than 200 new and updated emojis.
  • New Keyboard Gestures – new swipe capability which allows users to drag their fingers across and enter some keywords on the virtual or physical keyboard.
  • Enhanced Word Protection – anticipation of the next word by the keyboard. Predictive typing.
  • Better Cursor Control – for easier positioning and control of the cursor, users can toggle the “cursor control” button.

Better Notifications

  • Mute Indicator – the mute button and phone’s mute status will now show when there is an active call. When the call is muted it will show yellow, and green if not.
  • New Apps In BlackBerry Hub – notifications from social media apps are now easily viewable now. BlackBerry Hub now contains all of them making it easy to manage them.
  • Updated BlackBerry Launcher – allows for better organization of apps and widgets to personal likes. Apps can be removed with a flick.

Battery and Life Storage

  • Doze – when the phone goes into rest, the Doze feature automatically kicks in thereby saving battery power.
  • App Standby – infrequently used apps now lessen their impact on your battery life.
  • Media Card Encryption Support – media cards can be encrypted to increase PRIV storage capacity permanently and safely. In case of loss of the phone, no one can see what is in the card, view or copy it.

Camera Upgrades

  • Capture Professional and Cinematic Quality Videos – videos can now be recorded at 24 fps which is the standard frame rate used in professional motion pictures. 4k, 1080p, or 720p is all available for high-quality footage.
  • Slow motion video – the new update also comes in with a new slow motion video taking ability. The effect can even be applied after taking a video.