Android Pay eventually integrates Chase Bank cards

Android Pay has been growing and it is reaching leaps and bounds. Consumers in two of the biggest countries, the UK and US, are being given a chance to lighten their wallet’s weights again because of advancements in OS-payment based systems. The Chase Visa card can now be loaded onto the Android Pay system for US users.

Android Pay continues to grow its range of partners and network of retailers for their loyalty and reward programs, so that they can grow their ubiquity. Google recently added Walgreens to the retailers and it was important because it was the company’s first non banking integration. Now the company is saying that they will be the first mobile wallet system to integrate the Payment Rewards system onto their services.

The Payment Rewards system, is a new program that was recently introduced by Uber. It’s a loyalty program by the taxi hailing service, which was announced in June this year. Customers who pay for Uber using the Android Pay system will be given half of 10 rides by Uber. The promotion runs until the 15th of October.

The new integrations by the mobile wallet system were made official a few moments earlier, though many are believing that they were recently announced. Just like any other card integration, the Android Pay method is useful in that it gives much needed security to the transactions by simple tokenization which would help to mask the account number. Consumers can also use Android Pay to track their purchases and transactions.

Using the Android Pay system with the Chase visa card involves opening the Android Pay app on an NFC enabled device which runs on KitKat 4.4 or later. A Chase Visa credit or debit card can be simply added by taking a picture of the card. After that, it becomes easy to make purchases with the app and using the Chase cards you have put there.

The integration of Chase has been a long time coming because other mobile wallet options on the scene, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay have already been making use of the Chase Visa Cards for a long time now. Even Chase has its own mobile wallet option called the Chase Pay initiative. In the UK, Apple Pay was using the UK TSB and Santander.

The move to push the Android Pay system in mobile web services is very interesting. Smartphone apps constitute half the time that an average American spends time on the Internet, therefore it could be a critical stat for Google. The company’s addition of new features and functions in the mobile web usage, is a way for Google to lure people to use the service.

Although mobile wallets are still occupying a relatively small market at the moment, EMarketer believes that by the end of the year 19 percent of smartphone users in America would be able to use the proximity based payments through the mobile wallets. Total transactions equaling $27.05 billion are expected. Chase Bank is the largest bank in the US, therefore its integration could lead to an even bigger jump in the market.