Android Permissions Changed by Google to Make Game Sign-Ups Easier


The way in which Android operating systems handles permission for game players has just been changed by Google. The change has made it a lot easier to sign players up for transactions.

Today, the company which is about to change its name to Alphabet said, it has changed permissions for Google Play games. This was done by altering the model for game applications programming interfaces. This change is as a result of common complaints from developers about the unnecessary steps it takes players to be signed up and how transactions are handled.

Google’s history with users has more frictions because it is shorter. This is going to be an added advantage for Apple because the company have been signing up customers to iTunes account for more than a decade. These users already have their own sign-ins and credit card on file, this will enable them to immediately start making in-app purchases in the game.

According to this change, players are now prompted to sign in once per account rather than once per game. Accounts are no longer needed to be upgraded to Google+ before one can make use of Play Game services. Once a player’s account has been registered, there will be no need to sign in for any future games as they will be signed in automatically. There is now also an option for which a player can automatically turn off auto-sign in the Play Games apps settings.

In a blog post by Wollf Dobson, a developer advocate, he stated that “Once a user has signed it for the first time, new games will be able to sign them in without any interaction. He went further to say, they will be no screen required for signing in a particular game as sign-ins will be done automatically to every new game. Dobson added that to prevent player’s identities, the way player IDs work have been changed.

It was also stated that, although existing players will continue to get their Google+ ID during sign in, new players will get IDs that are not the same as the previous ones used. “There will be no interruption or change in the service but in most cases, some changes are required,” said Dobson. Unless you are depending on Google+ features, you see no change in functionality and a smoother experience if you do nothing.