Angelina Jolie has purchased a secret mansion in LA

It appears that the famous celebrity, Angelina Jolie, both a mansion that is invisible on Google street view. Apparently it is located in a gated community in Los Angeles, California.

Other celebrities such as Britney Spears, Drake and Kim Kardashian also live in this posh suburb. According to Entertainment Tonight, the property lies on 8,284 square feet. Besides the charming and luxurious mansion, you can also find cascading waterfall, wine tasting room, 800-sqaure-foot cabana and two beach entry pools.

In a gated community called Hidden Hills, the rich enjoy “rural, country way of life that has nearly vanished from Southern California,” as it is stated on the official site of the suburb.

“The pastoral setting is highlighted by the absence of sidewalks and street lights and by the presence of horses, llamas, ostriches, and the occasional cow.”

There are 648 homes in Hidden Hills, which also has “six miles of roads, three guard houses, 25 miles of bridle trails, three community riding arenas, four tennis courts, a competition-size pool, recreation centre, and a state-of-the-art, 99-seat performing arts/movie theatre.”

We all know that celebrities want some privacy and security and this is why many decided to settle their home here. Miley Cyrus, Ozzy Osbourne, Jamie Foxx and Sharon are only some of the stars who live here.

Rocker Melissa Etheridge, who is a good friend to Brad Pitt also resides here. When the world’s most famous couple broke up, she called Angelina Jolie “mean”.

Before she moved here she was renting a house for $95,000 in Malibu. That mansion spread across 4409 square feet, which means that the new home is almost two times bigger. She had five bedrooms and bathrooms, an outdoor pool and a gym.

However, when they were together, they lived on a property which had 80,000 square feet. But back then, they lived with six kids and there were 5 individual houses with additional “nannies’ house” and play room for kids which is not a room but a separate building.