Another Area Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) May Want to Look At and Address

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has distinguished itself from rivals such as Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and others in several ways. One of such ways is its 140-character tweets. Such limit on characters has helped the social media network to maintain a simple form. Even users have had to share their thoughts in just a few characters. The 140-character limit has worked for the company as far as distinguishing itself goes, but according to, questions are now being asked about whether Twitter should consider allowing more than 140-character tweets.

User acquisition

Making the platform more user-friendly is important in promoting the service. After all, Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) desperately needs to boost its subscriber numbers. With just about 284 million active users, Twitter trails Facebook’s over 1.32 billion user-based by far. However, it needs to catch up with Facebook in the revenue front.

There have been concerns in the recent times that Twitter is not doing well in the user acquisition front. The rate of subscriber growth at the company appears to be cooling yet the company is still far from turning meaningful profits even though revenue has been on the rise.

To address investor concerns about the company’s growth potential, Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) may have to consider lifting the 140-character limit. It seems users want to do more on Twitter, but the platform hinders their activities. It can be seen that people who want to share more than 140-character tweets resort to typing such messages on a separate app and taking screenshots on the same to post on Twitter. However, such work looks tedious and time consuming.

Perhaps limit the 140-character limit may not guarantee user growth, but the fact that users are already going an extra mile to have lengthy tweets suggests that addressing the matter could have its positive impact.

Niche service

Twitter has been looking to acquisitions to support its growth. However, some analysts have also cited that as a niche service, Twitter would do better by selling itself rather than looking for companies to acquire. The company has about $3.6 billion in cash, which it could spend on acquisitions. It recently reported significant increase in revenue but profit remains a challenge.