Another Title Change On Smackdown Live


Nobody really knew why Chris Jericho won the title at Payback this Sunday as he beat Kevin Owens for the US Championship in a very good match. But, as soon as that happened, everybody assumed that there is going to be a rematch this Tuesday on Smackdown Live. Soon enough, WWE announced that the duel is scheduled for the main event of the show.

As soon as they announced that, everybody knew that Owens was going to win the title and probably went his frustration on Jericho for him robbing him of the title at Payback. The company needed a way to write Y2J off TV as he is taking a break from the WWE in order to tour with his band and promote his new album. That is exactly what happened as Kevin Owens won the title with a pop-up powerbomb.


That was not the end of this as Jericho was struggling to get out of the ring after that move by KO, but The Prize Fighter returned to the ring to nail him with yet another pop-up powerbomb. Again, that was not all that Owens did. For a grand finale, Owens picked up a steel chair and put it around the throat of Y2J. Then, he finished him off with pushing him into the ring post. That was all the company wrote for Jericho as he was laid out as a part of him being written of the TV for a couple of months.

When he returns, Chris will be a part of the Smackdown Live roster, and it is going to be interesting to see whether or not he will be a heel or a face. What kind of gimmick will he try to portray is also one of the things that the fans can look for when Y2J makes his return to the blue brand.