Another WWE Star Making His Return To WWE?


There have been multiple reports that Paige is going to come back during Monday Night Raw this week. She has been missing from WWE TV for over a year now, and it was good to see her back in action. Another star that has been missing from Raw over the past couple of weeks has been the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion Neville.

He wanted to leave the company as he was sent home before the Monday Night Raw began a couple of weeks ago. Enzo Amore was supposed to go over him again in a championship match, and Neville didn’t like that one bit.

We are not blaming him at all as he has built that great aura around him just to be shattered by somebody that has no credibility whatsoever.


Also, the company has left out the Preshow match that he had with Austin Aries out of the DVD that was made for Wrestlemania 33, and he was pretty upset about that. The money from the DVD sales is going to the wrestlers, and he is not going to get a dollar since his match is not included.

That was broke the camel’s back, and he decided that it is time to walk out. The company tried to negotiate with him and to make him stay. At first, those talks were pretty unsuccessful as WWE failed to meet his demands. Now, it seems that all of the negotiations are going in the positive direction and that he could be back soon.

If he does come back, there is a great chance that he is not going to be cruiserweight anymore, which is something that the fans have been calling for.