Antenna Maintenance Guide 2024

2020 has been a shock to most people. It has seen lives disrupted all around the world. More regions are either joining or coming back to isolation, self-distance, and quarantining as a measure to keep safe and healthy.

In these cases, more people are resulting in staying indoors and turning to entertain themselves within their homes’ confines. TV has just become more useful in recent times. This is not only a result of the TV is a source of entertainment but also a source of information.

While it may be fun always to have your eye on the TV, you need to remember that TV and the additional appliances like the antenna need constant maintenance. Maintaining your TV is an easier task as you can always check to see if everything is okay. The antenna, on the other hand, isn’t always on sight, and this can make it easy to forget.

So, at this time, when the antenna needs to be working all the time correctly. Thus, here are tips to help you know when you need to fix the antenna, and when it’s time to call the right antenna repair services.

How do you know the antenna needs servicing?


There are cases when it’s apparent you need to call an antenna maintenance specialist. For example, if the antenna falls over or bends out of place, you may have to enquire about repair services. However, in some other cases, it may not be as apparent to get the antenna serviced. Some of these other instances include;

  • When you turn the TV, instead of switching onto a channel, you get a message similar to “searching…”
  • You cannot get any signal when you try switching to a specific digital channel
  • The signal service is inconsistent – sometimes it’s high, other times it’s low
  • Some of the channels you usually watch aren’t there anymore

If you experience any of these signs, they are likely an indication that your antenna needs servicing. It could also be indicative of a looming replacement. Sometimes, the antenna does need to be replaced altogether.

There are a number of issues that could affect the reception of your antenna. Some of these issues can be fixed easily. Others, however, do require an expert hand. If you live around Leeds and West Yorkshire, you can call TV Aerials Leeds to fix or repair your antenna.

Antenna Testing Guide

Here are a few tests you can carry out to determine where the problem is and the right cause of action.

  1. Visually inspect the antenna

As mentioned above, the aerial may have bent or broken. In some of these cases, however, it may have just changed directions. You can tell if it has shifted directions by checking other antennae in the neighborhood.

If it’s just changed guidelines, you can adjust it and check if the connectivity improves. If the situation doesn’t change, you have to call the repair services.

  1. Check the TV input

Sometimes, the antenna is working just fine, but there’s still no signal. In such a case, the connection between the TV and the antenna is likely the problem. You can check the link and make sure it’s okay, and if the TV still has little to no signal, you can now call the aerial repairman.

  1. Check the age of the aerial

When did you buy the antenna? Sometimes, it may have just stopped working and needs another one. It is difficult to estimate just how long antennas should last as there are a number of factors that would give a different result in each case. If the TV doesn’t receive a signal and suspects it’s the aerials age; you can just ask the repair services for a replacement.

  1. Check for changes in the environment

Unfortunately, domestic antennae are not the strongest in the market. This means while it can pick a signal even from remote locations, a new structure or object can hinder the signal.

Before calling in repair services, first check if there are any new buildings, houses, or other large structures that may interfere with the signal. In some instances, other strong signals, such as 4G, have been known to interfere with the antenna’s signal strength.

If there’s an obstacle, you may need to upgrade to a stronger antenna. The aerial repair service can help you get a strong antenna that will get clear reception even when the obstacle is there. You can also inquire if you need just to change the antenna’s direction for a greater result.

  1. Check the splitter

If you have more than one screen, you may have gotten a splitter to allow you to watch TV in different places within the house. From this, you can tell the antenna may be working, and the splitter is defunct.

Before you can try toggling the antenna, first check to see if the splitter is working.

If the splitter is the one out of place, you can reach to the repair service, and they can replace it for you. If you are handy, you can also get one and change it yourself.

  1. Check for mass outages

Again, just before you call the aerial repair services, you should ensure there’s no mass signal outage in your area. If there’s no automatic way to check, you can check other screens or check with your neighbors. If they do not have a connection as well, there’s likely a signal outage in your area. If, on the other hand, it’s just devices in your house or your neighbors don’t have a problem, you will have to call maintenance specialists.

When you’re having antenna problems or when you have a new one that needs installation, it’s important to have a professional take care of it. This way, you can be sure the aerial will be fixed the right way.

Additionally, you can also take advantage of the warranty and insurance services by requesting the company’s services when you are in need.

Get the best antenna reception by having TV Aerial Leeds take care of all your needs. Get in touch today, and be sure of the best reception.