Apple Dominating the Enterprise Security Race, Samsung Shows Jump

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A Tech Pro Research survey shows that Samsung devices have been making the push into the enterprise market and their use is almost reaching that of Apple devices. However, Apple is still clearly in front of any competitor when it comes to the enterprise security aspect of it.

In the special report for the month on mobile security, the state of the Bring Your Own Device Movement, (BYOD) was analyzed and also the security that is accompanied by it. The summary of the special report indicates that there are various inconsistencies with the IT policies in the mobile industry and it is a big risk. Another point taken from the special report is that wearable technologies are also an emerging risk to the various enterprises. Wearables have just begun to penetrate the market and many of the enterprises and corporations have started to adopt them.

One of the striking factors is the perception of security with some of the vital mobile vendors. Apple is clearly on top when it comes to the security, but Samsung, through its Knox technology and many more has been able to position the Android operating system as enterprise friendly. After all the aspects were calculated, 67 percent of the decision makers were making use of Apple technology, and also a close 62 percent were using Samsung.

The security messaging in the industry is important since 61 percent of the group of tech leaders surveyed said that mobile devices were clearly seen as less secure than the nonmobile devices. However at the same time, enterprises are also factoring in the price, costs and security too.

In the report, Tech Pro noted that the surveyed group of tech leaders rated iPhone as very good or excellent in security, 51 percent of the time. In that regard, Samsung is far and is a distant second as only 30 percent of the surveyed group rated it as very good or excellent in the security department. However since Samsung has been making inroads in the enterprise division, it might be attributed to the lower cost of Samsung. It shows that organizations are in some cases willing to sacrifice the security of their devices for the reduced price they get.

Samsung is clearly the best option for the Android adoption in the enterprise. Also, Blackberry could be used as a push into the enterprise by Android, if they can use its security intellectual property and its legacy inside the various companies.

When the issue of security came to laptops, Apple was also seen as the leader and Microsoft followed in second. Dell, Lenovo, and HP finished the top five respectively.

The real halo effect for Apple when it comes to the enterprise is how the organizations view the security that the company provides. The company’s products are seen as a safe option and thus leading to their rise in enterprise share.