Apple Inc. (AAPL) And Alphabet Inc (GOOG)’s Google Could Soon Partner With NFL to Live Stream London Games

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A report by Reuters suggested that either Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) or Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Could soon partner with National Football League (NFL) for live streaming rights for the upcoming season.

The report also claimed that the deal would also include streaming of all postseason games in early 2016. If NFL partners with Google, games will probably be broadcasted on YouTube, which is owned by Google while if NFL partners with Apple, games will most definitely be broadcasted on Apple TV.

This news is something big for the fans. For instance, last October NFL partnered withYahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) to live stream the Buffalo Bills-Jacksonville Jaguar game that was held in London. Approximately 15 million peopleare tuned for the match. This turnout was a huge success, and it might be the sole reason NFL seems to favor a move to collaborate with a tech company.

NFL initially used to work with traditional TV broadcast groups, but since live streaming is slowly becoming convenient for large groups of people, this move could be beneficial.

Last October when NFL partnered with Yahoo, Yahoo paid $17 million for rights to stream the game. If any of the two named companies is selected, the amount will probably be higher since this deal could include streaming of all three of London’s game. Such a deal would mean that this would be the second time an NFL game will be streamedfor free. The outcome of this is said to be a test for the future though the initial Yahoo partnership was a success.

All 2016 postseason games will be available on This is accessible by mobile phone. The access will be free for Verizon Wireless customers. Apart from the Apple or Google partnership, NFL is partnering with big TV network for live streaming to viewers. CBS Corporation (NYSE:CBS) will be responsible for the stream of the super ball, which will take place on February 7. ESPN, NBC, and FOX will live stream the other games.

Any of the companies has not yet confirmed the report about the possiblepartnership. Since all the three London games are scheduled for October, we will know who will partner with NFL before the start of the games.

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