Apple Inc. (AAPL) Could Challenge BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY) In Indonesia

Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) now has a presence in Indonesia as well, which is considered as BlackBerry market. This news has been confirmed by Fauzan Alfi a Twitter member, who spotted on the American Chamber of Commerce Indonesia’s site a new listing for Apple. The iPhone maker’s own site has an address of Indonesia that matches with the one provided. There has also been news of the hiring of staff for roles in retail in Indonesia by Apple.

BlackBerry facing Apple challenge in Indonesia

Indonesia is becoming the centre of attraction for the major handset makers due to a variety of reasons. It is the fourth most populated country of the world and has the potential of becoming one among the top ten largest economies. It is expected by the Cupertino firm that soon the middle class will be able to afford Apple devices with much ease than before as now the middle class is growing at a faster pace.

One of BlackBerry Ltd(NASDAQ:BBRY)’s last strongholds is Indonesia and keeping this in view BlackBerry even launched a Jakarta edition of BlackBerry Z3. The Z3 offered across the globe and that in Jakarta does not have a lot of difference, but BlackBerry has made an investment by making the device available in Bahasa, which is a hugely popular local language. Not only this, local content and services are also made available by the Jakarta version of BlackBerry’s Z3.

Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL)’s entry into the Indonesian market is seen as a threat to BlackBerry Ltd(NASDAQ:BBRY) because the Canadian firm is on a decline and this could negatively affect its popularity among the middle class in Indonesia, as well. The investment made by BlackBerry for making it more appealing to the local buyers in Indonesia could be threatened by Apple Inc.’s entry.

BlackBerry Z3 soon in India and Malaysia

BlackBerry Ltd(NASDAQ:BBRY) has plans of making available its new device Z3 in some more countries other than Indonesia. The plans are on their way towards completion. Malaysian Authorities database already shows up BlackBerry Z3 and since it is Indonesia’s neighbor therefore, this makes sense too. This handset is registered in Malaysia under Brightstar.

BlackBerry’s India website has made available the safety guide for BlackBerry Z3 and it is signaling that a launch is impending. Some locations in South Africa, also, are being confirmed for the launch of BlackBerry Z3 indicating the company’s expansion plan.