Apple Inc. (AAPL) Music Streaming Service to Have David Guetta and Others as Guest DJs

Apple New York Store

As Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) gets set to launch its much-awaited music streaming service, reports claim that it is in talks with renowned musicians like Drake, David Guetta, and Pharrell Williams. Apple plans to sign these sensational singers as guest DJs for the upcoming iTunes Radio service that still has to be officially announced by the company.

It is also reported that the company is currently working hard on convincing the record labels to give free music rights of their albums for the first three months of trial. This advantage would be passed on to the service users by the company who will enjoy three months free service for some of their favorite singers. The report said that Apple is planning to price the service from as low as $10 per month without having to pay the music labels even during the trial period.

Premium Service by Apple

Apple is aiming to bring to fore a service that offers users a premium experience and make them shun the other similar apps like Spotify, Pandora and others. The company was also originally planning to provide lyrics as well. The idea did not materialize as Apple wanted these too for free.

The move to have the famous musicians as part of the app was to give the service momentum and make it more appealing for the people. It has been learnt that Drake alone would cost Apple around $19 million, and it remains to be seen if the expensive investment will finally pay off or not.

Apple to Use WWDC As A Platform

The Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) to be held this month is going to be a hotspot for the company’s discussion on their music streaming service and technology experts are waiting for it. It is expected that the company is going to share details on the service in the WWDC event.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, is expecting to convince music labels to offer them the expected rights for users as analysts suggest that even Jay Z is looking for partners to supports his music-streaming service Tidal. It remains to be seen whether Apple is interested or not as that would mean aiding another service. As far as the deal with music labels is concerned, Apple is leaving no stones unturned.

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