Apple Inc. (AAPL) Releases New Tool to Curtail Automatic U2’s Songs Download on iTunes

With the blockbuster success of its new mobile phone models- iPhone 6 and Plus, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has proven that it can release new tools in just a fraction of minutes! Recently, the company released a new tool which is capable of deleting “Songs of Innocence” from iTunes.

Automatic Download Curtailed

The new tool released by Apple is used to delete the songs of U2’s newly launched album. It is worth noticing that the company had been giving this music without charging a dime at iTunes. The music was being given to the users for free from past six days.

However, a few iTunes users lodged a complaint with the company that U2’s album songs were downloaded to their Apple devices automatically. Immediately after the users’ complaint, Apple started working upon the tool to curtail automatic download.

One-Click Removal

The new tool, released by the company enables the users of iTunes to delete these songs in just one click. Apple, with its new tool allows a one-click removal of the entire album from iTunes.

The Deal Gone Wrong

Earlier, the band members of U2 offered the songs of their newly released album entitled “Songs of Innocence” to Apple iTunes 500 million users free of cost. In the recent past, U2 band had tied up with the company for the same. Nevertheless, the deal did not conceptualize well, it seems. As far as the conditions of the accord between the two are concerned, regarding the release of U2’s new album songs on iTunes, it is still not known.

Channelizing a large numbers of users on iTunes towards own brand can be lucrative for any new band. Apple iTunes is among the finest platforms for launch of new albums as well, because of the wider audience reach; even if it is for free!