Apple Inc. (AAPL) To Pay Home Run Ball Ransom To Cleveland Indians

Indians slugger Brandon Moss need not spend a small fortune to get his teammates Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) gadgets. Apple is footing the bill for him to get back his 100th career home run ball.

Moss was earlier delivered a “ransom note” from Cleveland’s bullpen teammates who had possession of the ball demanding Apple iPads, iPhones and watches in exchange. Apple CEO Tim Cook declared at the 2015 WWDC that Apple would be supplying the items. It was one of the highlights as well as light hearted moments of Apple’s annual conference in San Francisco.

It is quite a coincidence each team member demanded Apple products. It was a practical joke and something Moss could afford taking into account his seasonal $6.5 million paycheque. Providentially for Moss, Apple picked up the tab on his behalf. The sole non-Apple item on the list is the “50-gallon drum of lube” demanded by pitcher Mark Rzepczynski, which was removed using Photoshop by Apple for Cook’s address.

Moss hit the momentous home run in Kansas City and the ball plunked in the visitor’s bullpen at Kauffman Stadium. Subsequent to the game an itemized list scrawled on a sheet of paper from Cleveland’s relievers and catchers was delivered to Moss. They were seeking to capitalize on their lucky discovery by obtaining some latest Apple products. The note had this sentence at the bottom, “You get the ball when we get these items!”.

Cook held up the ball at the conference with a projected picture of the note in the background. But for the skeptics who doubt the authenticity of the ball there is info to dispel their doubts. A spokesperson for Cleveland Indians stated that an Apple representative had come over to retrieve the ball in question. However, there is no information yet when the pitchers and catchers will get their hands on the high-tech items. Nevertheless in all it is a great commercial for Apple.

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