Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s CEO Tim Cook Says MacBook and iPad Should Remain Separate Products

Apple CEO Tim Cook

The chances of Apple producing a unified product with the mix of the MacBook and the iPad has just gone slim to none thanks to an announcement by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) CEO, Tim Cook.

Mr. Cook was speaking to the Irish Independent on Sunday when he revealed that the company has no plans of ever merging the iPad and the MacBook. He further stated that the company’s decision not to create a unified product is because the end product would not be satisfying to the consumer. Apple, therefore, plans to stick to the current strategy of making the best Mac in the world and the best tablet in the world.

Mr. Cook stated that his company is trying to avoid going the wrong way. He believes that Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) chose a misguided direction and that they ended up creating a “diluted” product. Cook believes that a unified product would be deprived of some of the most useful features.

While Apple maintains its philosophy of being unique, Microsoft has been busy trying to push the envelope and prove Cook wrong. The company’s recent offerings proved that Apple’s biggest rival is not afraid to play dirty. It is also a perfect example of why companies are different and why it is important to have a unique approach. After all, that distinctiveness attracts different customers depending on their preferences. Both firms have excelled at this game.

It also does not necessarily mean that Mr. Cook is right about Microsoft. Apple’s former CEO, Steve Jobs once thought that the stylus was a stupid idea that would not work and that he saw no sense in having video-enabled iPods.

The company adopted both ideas not long after that. Apple might vow that it will never merge the two devices, but the future is full of uncertainties. It might not be impossible as Mr. Cook put it. After all, Microsoft managed to do so. Apple has a very loyal fan base that would most likely by a unified product if the company was to make one. If the company figures out how to merge the two products, it will most likely try to generate profits out of the mix.

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