Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s Music Inside View; First Impressions of The Service Before Launch

Apple Music

After the much talked about debate over royalty payments, Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) is waiting for user response as the company launches its much awaited service of the year, otherwise known as Apple Music. This subscription based service is a treat for music lovers who are ready to listen to millions of soundtrack at the price of $10 per months. Several reviews of the service are published praising the positive aspects of the Apple Music.

Apple Music and The Strong Points

The last week debate sparked by Taylor Swift over the royalty payments of artists became a PR opportunity for the Apple Music and the product gathered much needed hype before its launch. The service was tested by several reviewers who had early access to this product. Apple Music received generally favorable reviews from Mashable, Re/Code, Rolling Stone and The Loop.

The Apple Music app has five main sections called Radio, Connect, For You, New and My Music. The service features thousands of soundtracks for streaming. The sections are well organized and contribute to the robust nature of the service.

The streaming service features seamless integration of iTunes library with Apple Music. This is a remarkable feature that allows users to retain their favorite tracks on both the platform.

The Curated List

The most remarkable feature of this vast service is ‘the curated list’. The service uses smart algorithms to suggest relevant songs and recommendations. But added to this is the curated list that is created by 300 human music editors that recommend music based on your likes and taste. These editors are from well-known publications such as Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, and Downbeat. The result of this curated list is rather astonishing compared to simple AI created suggestions.

While the service looks neatly priced at $10 per month, it is still to be seen how the music lovers respond to this service. It is argued that the company has created a service that features robustness and confusion at the same time. The interface is not very simple and it takes some time to get fully acquainted with the features. Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) has high hopes from this service as the company seeks to repeat the success it had with iTunes in 2005.

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