Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) to Implement New Security Feature for Third-party Apps

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will introduce new security features for third-party apps linked to the cloud services. It is a new layer of security protection in the form of app-specific passwords for iCloud-connected titles.

Two-step verification

It is applicable for all the programs including the apps that don’t support two-step verification. The two-factor authentication started on Tuesday is meant for access that secures Apple’s online consumer services. The two-step authentication system allows basic access to find my iPhone. It is restricted to the users who opted-in to the security layer. They have to enter the code sent to the trusted device for getting access to the service. The devices can be added through the Apple ID management webpage. The code is sent through iMessage, push notification or text.

Added security

Apart from two-factor authentication system, Apple has introduced new security feature for third-party apps. When customers use iCloud with third party apps like Mozilla Thunderbird, BusyCal or Microsoft Outlook, the app-specific password are generated by new feature.

The passwords will enable users to sign in securely. It is possible even when the device doesn’t support two-step verification system. With the new feature, Apple ID password will not be stored or collected by third party apps.

The other details

The new iCloud security feature will be available next month. The users can visit My Apple ID home page to generate new passwords. After getting new passwords, they have to create a new code using Security settings pane.

The new feature allows for 25 active passwords. The users can decide which third-party apps should get priority in the setup process. The apps connecting with a new feature have to log in by using the specific assigned password. It is a significant launch by Apple as many of the third-party apps do not support two-step authentication process.