Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) to Partner with Appirio for iOS Enterprise

Apple Cupertino headquarters

As cloud computing is gaining ground so is Appirio. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) believes that the cloud management company was the future for the enterprise iOS. The company offers an integrated set of cloud management technologies to execute enterprise cloud. Even as cloud computing is becoming a challenge for the enterprises, more and more companies are emerging to provide cloud-based solutions.

Apple plans to diversify its iOS platform and offer enterprises a solution in the cloud computing domain, using the cloud technology.

Chief Executive Officer of Appirio Chris Barbin said that matching with Apple’s technology was something that comes naturally. Built to target the enterprise IT space, Appirio is used by over 800 users for meeting the cloud computing needs. They have completed numerous projects for their mobility enterprise customers and are finally gaining notice.

Appirio And Apple Partnership

The company confirmed that they would be associating with Apple to diversify into the iOS developer’s community. Appirio has 2,000 iOS developers currently and wishes to take that number to over 20,000 in the coming years to expand in global markets. Barbin said that the network of over 240,000 technology experts in China and India alone and over 0.5 million in other territories made the company an ideal partnership platform for Apple. The association will benefit both the companies, he said.

Appirio Ranked On Top

The company had a goal to offer its associates and clients a platform to meet the pace of the growing cloud technology that was engulfing the business space. A network of over 1,000 firms in CRM, Appirio was positioned as a pioneer in the cloud computing world. IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Implementation Ecosystem 2015 Vendor Assessment study that was published in April 2015 has ranked Appirio as a leader in the cloud ecosystem.

By examining the working of the Salesforce ecosystem service providers across the globe, IDC has achieved the results of the study that puts Appirio on top. Gard Little, Research Director at IDC, said that the company questioned over 75 clients of these service providers and the final ranking was based on the customer satisfaction and success of the program.