Apple looking to shelve plans to make a smart car


Apple has been making a smart car that would rival that of Google but it seems their plans have hit a snag. According to one report done by the New York Times, the San Francisco based most valuable company has been laying off its workers of the car project, as the effort for the making of the car, known as the Project Titan have been slowing down lately.

Keeping with its history on every product they produce and manufacture, the company has been secretive about the car project, but details and images released last year showed that the company was looking at building a smart car.

The reports were further vindicated when Apple started looking at different employees and poaching them from their respective companies. The company was stealing employees from other electric and smart car making firms such as Tesla and other EV battery maker firms.


However, according to the NYT report, the San Francisco based firm is now looking at shelving the plans for making a car as they ponder a major policy rethink. Another report that was done by Bloomberg noted that Apple was shelving the idea of making a smart car and favouring a move for developing self driving car tech.

This news might therefore ring true as two reports now indicate that Apple might be slowing down the making of a smart car and also releasing some of the employees which were working on the project.

Apple is currently the most valuable company in the world right now, as it continues to be involved in a ding dong battle with Google’s parent company, Alphabet for the number one spot. Many analysts were looking forward to the car which Apple was going to bring out, because as with everything the company brings out, it would surely make an impact.

The making of a smart car by Apple would also go a long way to help the market and industry to further their cars. The news however means Apple can only have something better on their sleeves, and it leaves users wondering what next thing they will bring to the world.