Apple ready to fight off competition with its unified teams

There are speculations that Apple’s Infinite Loop campus that is located in Cupertino, California will house the company’s cloud services teams that are under Eddy Cue which includes Maps, Siri, Apple News, iCloud, Apple Music, Apple Pay as well as some parts of iTunes. What is obtainable, presently, is Apple’s services that are working independently occupy rented office parks in Sunnyvale and Cupertino, California.

Another source that spoke with authority said that the teams will be situated in not less than 3 separate locations all around Silicon Valley. The structure the way it is at the moment is the reason there is product development that is slow and also software bugs. Bringing all the teams together under one roof in the campus will increase the growth rate of the business services and tackle competition coming from Amazon and Google.

The service business of the hardware development of Apple has been its bright spot since the decline in the growth of iPhone. Users of cloud services by Apple have criticized the services for lacking features that are new and up to date as well as for having technical issues.

The teams will have more space when Apple opens up its Campus 2 that is a circular futuristic structure that has multiple floors for the various departments to have an open workspace to work. The company will start moving them to the facility in March 2017. The company broke grounds with its ground-breaking campus back in 2013 after an announcement was made by Steve Jobs, the co-founder in 2011.

Although relocation of the teams to the new location is one that has been accepted by executives of Apple, Cue, on the other hand, is of the opinion that such move will have an improve on the organization.

There is already a committee made up of the company’s managers set up to reorganize Apple all over the future and current locations. The original plan that the company has for the campus is to move 13, 000 employees, there. Already, the company is foreseeing a situation where the number will outgrow the recent plan and therefore is already considering adjust the spaces that each person gets at the workplace.

The campus will have some traditional offices and open floor plans. Only people at the level of vice presidents are to offices while others will work in the open floor to allow for more collaboration except the company makes further changes.

The company plans to reorganize and improve the resources of its cloud computing services business. The company for the reason is moving Apple Music downloads and Siri onto a single system called Pie. This will allow Apple to speed up things and have more control. The company already has started moving them to the new platform as at the time of this writing.