Apple said to be secretly working on real “Magic Keyboard”

BGR broke the news Wednesday that Apple is secretly working on a new product that will excite users. No other person outside the company knew about this development until when the news was broken by a Reddit user who is anonymous that was also verified.

In a report that followed much later, it was proven that indeed the Reddit user was right and may have given us a preview of what to expect with Apple’s embarked project in the future.

The world was drawn to the post made on Reddit that gave us some details of what Apple has in stock for its magic next-generation keyboard.

Although the Magic Keyboard that the company has at the moment hardly has anything magical to it with it being a Bluetooth keyboard, we are told that the new keyboard that Apple is working on may at the end of the day have some worthy to be called magical.

In summary, the company is rumored to be in talks about acquiring Sonder, a startup that has been able to come up with a keyboard that is nifty. At first glance, it may look like the Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard until when you have a closer look and discover that there is an E Ink display that changes to accommodate whatever app that is in use.

The anonymous Reddit user claimed to have attended a Foxconn event where Apple revealed a prototype of the said keyboard and also what Apple has been about. Foxconn which has an investment in Sonder was said to have mentioned that Apple was in talks to acquire Sonder.

It also said that the keyboard at work will be likely launched as Apple’s Magic Keyboard for the next-generation in 2018. One thing to be expected is a color E Ink rather than the grayscale E Ink that Apple standard version make use of with its current model.

According to The Guardian, a Sonder official has confirmed the rumor that the company is in talks with Apple over acquisition process with Tim Cook, CEO of Apple said to have been in touch with the company. The details are still scanty but whatever be the case, Apple keyboards for its laptops and desktop computers could come up with something really magical in the years to come.