Apple Watch 2 – Finally, A Reason To Get A Smartwatch

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Apple Watch Series 2 resembles the first model which was launched a year and a half ago. Although this is a new series of Apple Watch, it is hard to see the innovations.

However, the watch has been upgraded, indeed. For example, the display is brighter, so when you are out in the open, it is easier to read. This is most noticeable under the direct sunlight where it is still decently usable. Moreover, the new device is waterproof and faster than the previous version.

The Watch is used mostly to monitor your fitness or other activities, and people praised these features the most.

Apple thought that they would sell more smartwatches than they actually did. Although the Apple Watch sales decreased 55% this year, they are just behind Rolex when it comes to watchmakers, which is an astonishing result.

If you already have an Apple Watch you probably won’t buy a new one because the updates are not drastic. But if you do not possess one, the new Apple Watch 2 will certainly draw your attention.

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The look

You can find the Apple Watch Series 2 in either aluminum or stainless steel version. Both devices cost $349, and they can be combined with sporty, nylon or leather bands. Moreover, there is a ceramic version that is priced at $1,299 putting it in the luxury division also.

A new dual-core processor is now in the Apple Watch Series 1 whose price dropped to $269 whereas the new watchOS 3 comes with the new watch faces and additional updates.

The most important and probably the best feature of the Apple Watch Series 2 is fitness tracking. Apple managed to rival Fitbit when it comes to tracking activities. You can use your watch while swimming, measure your heart rate, and record your routes using the GPS, etc. It is much better to put your watch on when you run than to carry your iPhone. You can also choose what metrics to display, and you can save your workout and show it to your friends and family.

However, the new Series 2 doesn’t have sleep tracking which gives you a full image of your health in general. There are apps such as Sleep Cycle or Pillow, but with these apps, your battery will be empty before you know it.

Water resistance

The new Apple Watch Series 2 is water resistant, and this has been a huge improvement. There is a water lock display feature, so if you touch the screen accidently while you are swimming you won’t stop your workout. When you are out of the water, press the water icon on the display so that the watch ejects water that is left inside it.

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The Apple Watch Series 2 doesn’t have a built-in internet connectivity which is a huge disadvantage. So, in order to connect to the web, you will need your iPhone.

Should you buy an Apple Watch?

If you want something to track your fitness activity Fitbit might be a better choice. On the other hand, if you want other more to it, like sending emails and tracking your activity you should pick an Apple Watch. It is up to you.