Apple’s Bendable Phone Is In the Pipeline

Apple had a serious issue with its iPhone 6 devices, which were bending, according to some customers. Although this happened on a small number of devices it was still a problem which the company solved eventually.

We don’t know whether this inspired the company to produce bendable phones in the future or not, but this is going to happen. So, in the future, the iPhones will be able to bend and fold. Maybe you were unaware, but this giant already tried to produce bendable iPhones in the past, according to Patently Apple.

“Today we were surprised to find that Apple was granted their first patent covering a foldable and/or bendable future iPhone that was never published before as a patent application under Apple’s name. Apple must have kept it secret by filing it under their engineer’s names and not under Apple to avoid detection,” as the Patently Apple stated.

It is not sure, how exactly Apple plans to pull this off, but the possible material is ceramic. However, they are not alone in this race for the first bendable phone. Samsung is also dedicated to producing a bendable phone in the future. Moreover, the LG and Xiaomi are also candidates.

It is not certain when the first bendable phone will appear, but we will definitely inform you as soon as we find out more.