9 Apps That Will Make Studying on Your iPad a Piece of Cake

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Studying in college can be really hard sometimes. They say that a bad craftsman always blames the tool, but actually, proper tools can make your tasks easier and are very welcome. Fortunately, there are many solutions available on the market. But choosing the right one among them can be difficult.

When you are using your iPad for studying, you have very useful resources at your fingertips. Some of them are websites, like the essay writer service, that help you manage your writing assignments. Others are apps that you can download from the App Store. Let’s overview several of them and explore their advantages in different situations.

School Planner

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This is a very useful planner app. It has a convenient menu design, which will not make you search for what you need for a long time. Everything you are looking for is on the main page:

  • classes schedule
  • your tasks for the day
  • plans for the future
  • a notebook with homework
  • a built-in calendar where you can set reminders about upcoming events: tests, exams, etc.

School Planner is the perfect app for organizing your homework. Using it is very simple:

  • choose the subject you need to make;
  • mark it with a certain color not to confuse tasks with each other;
  • choose the subject teacher;
  • pick photos of presentations, abstracts, tables, and everything you planned to do.

A very multifunctional application which can be used by both schoolchildren and students.



The program is aimed at improving the cognitive abilities of the brain. Here you can do many things:

  • train your concentration
  • improve neural connections
  • improve your quick memorization skills.

By controlling the app, you choose the level you want to reach and the ways you want to train. Memorado will automatically adapt to your goals and desired ways of achieving them. After that, it regularly offers a constant number of games for training.

Math Playground


This one is for those who want to improve their math skills. The application is free but has a lot of advantages and works well. With Math Playground, mathematics will no longer be incomprehensible and boring because here you can learn while playing games.

This method is convenient as it is divided into different categories and levels. This approach makes memorizing formulas and theory twice as easy. The program will be useful even for teachers who want to update their knowledge.

Moleskine Notes

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Moleskin is a world-famous company. It has been delighting artists from all over the world for many years with its notebooks, which turn into sketchbooks in creative hands.

Sometimes you need to have drawings and important notes handy in electronic format. This is especially relevant for people who like to handwrite their notes and artists. So the Moleskin company decided to step in and help. It has given its customers the opportunity to work conveniently with their creations.

There is a special Smart Writing set, which includes a notebook and a smart pen, synchronized with each other. And with the help of the Moleskine Notes application, all notes made on paper are automatically converted into electronic format. After that, they are immediately sent to your iPhone, iPad, or any other device.

Writing Challenge

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All people who, in one way or another, relate to the writing of poems, stories, novels, and other literature know how difficult it is sometimes to come up with something new and original.

Writing Challenge is a program with a large number of topics, with the help of which you can significantly enrich your imagination and practice writing short works. Already after a few written topics, the probability that the application will direct you to the right writing channel becomes more and more likely.


A program that will help your creative abilities always stay in good shape. It contains a large number of exercises aimed at improving the development of creativity. Here you can choose a mode in which Oflow will generate a random exercise for you. Then practice, getting a dose of creative inspiration and inspiration.

The interface of this app is quite pleasant, so the process of working with the application is comfortable. Also, the developers have added a special notebook here, where you can immediately write down all new ideas while working with the application.

The Brainstormer

This application can give you a real brainstorming session. Thanks to it, you will be able to overcome the blank-page syndrome in your creative affairs. The Brainstormer generates random phrases to help you greatly increase the number of your own ideas for:

  • paintings
  • stories
  • poems
  • songs, and so on.

Thanks to its functionality, the app activates parts of the brain responsible for creativity. So inspiration won’t be long to come.

If you enjoy writing poems, but can’t find a new topic, just use the program and try to describe the phrase that comes to you. This will trigger the processes responsible for developing your creativity.

Downloading this app on iOS will also be a good solution for all people whose studying process involves the constant generation of new ideas.

Mann Filters

If you have ever wanted to start your own business and work for yourself, this app will come in handy. Before starting something big and new, all people have doubts about the success of businesses and ideas.

Mann’s filters are designed to help their users in solving these questions with the help of detailed analysis and special algorithms that show whether your project will be successful. In this way, you will find out whether your idea is worth the resources that will be spent on it in the future or whether your project still needs a little refinement.



Rest is a mandatory part of any working day. If you want to avoid unwanted stress and just can’t relax after an intense day of studying, consider this app. Meditopia’s goal is to help you get rid of the pressure on your shoulders. To avoid overload, one should devote enough time to both:

  • the task
  • the meditative rest after its completion.

If you are new to meditation but would like to try the app, don’t worry: Meditopia’s even calm voice will direct your actions to where you need to go. Download the app on your iPad to avoid unwanted excessive studying.

Final Words

We hope that these apps for iPad will help significantly ease your studies. as well as leave behind only positive impressions, and make the educational process much more pleasant.