Arabesque Silestone Quartz: Review & Alternatives

For homeowners looking to add or renovate their kitchen countertops, silestone is a great option.

White arabesque silestone is a solid countertops material launched almost 25 years ago in the market by Cosentino.

Even though silestone has been available in the market for a long time, it has been popular among homeowners in the last five or six years. As the material is highly durable, silestone is preferred more by individuals for kitchen countertops as compared to granite, natural stone, and other materials.

Cosentino’s silestone white arabesque has become a unique, recognizable brand worldwide because of its characteristics. In addition, professionals in over 50 countries certify silestone, which has been used for multiple private and public building projects worldwide.

Before getting into the details of white arabesque silestone, go through Caesarstone site and learn about some classy quartz designing ideas.

Without further ado, let’s dig deeper into the detailed review of the silestone countertop material and look at some of its alternatives.

Silestone comprises mainly of quartz

As the name suggests, silestone white arabesque quartz comprises mainly 94% of quartz bonded through resins and other adhesives, making its surface incredibly durable and hard. It is highly resistant to stains, scratches, dents etc., making it perfect for kitchen countertops. Silestone countertops are not affected much by water leaks, food spills, etc., in the kitchen.

Non-porous and stain resistant

White arabesque silestone are quite dense and non-porous, ensuring that the countertops do not absorb water or other liquids that spill on them. Another great benefit of this stone is that there is no need to seal silestone surfaces. Granite and other stone surfaces are porous, requiring sealing at least once a year so that they do not absorb liquids and get spoiled.

Individuals need not worry about frequently used liquids in the kitchen like wine, oils, water, sauces, coffee, tea, etc., permanently staining the silestone countertops. This is a huge benefit for chefs and people who cook regularly in their kitchen.

Available in a lot of colours choices

Silestone white arabesques are the most popular countertop variant among homeowners. Those who want to match colours and aesthetics with the existing kitchen flooring or cabinets can choose from a lot of silestone colour options. In addition, many colours, patterns, and styles available for silestone have a uniform surface, unlike other natural stone materials. For kitchen countertops one can use it in many different ways.

Interior and kitchen decorators love silestone because it pairs well with any type of kitchen design, style, and colour scheme. This is a major reason behind silestone being increasingly used as kitchen countertops material.

Easy maintenance

Another major reason silestone overtakes other natural stone materials for kitchen countertops is its ease of maintenance. Granite and other commonly used materials must be resealed at least once a year to prevent the absorption of liquids.

Corian must be resanded frequently due to nicks, dents, and cuts. There is no such requirement for silestone, and homeowners can maintain it easily. Just cleaning the silestone countertop surface regularly and wiping it with a damp cloth will work. Being primarily made of quartz, silestone has a natural glossy sheen, and there is no need to perform polishing regularly.

Highly durable and long lasting

Again, as silestone is mainly made up of quartz, it has a high resistance against scratches and dents. A limited number of natural stone materials can match quartz’s and, in turn, silestone’s hardness, toughness, durability, and scratch resistance.

Industry experts consider silestone to be almost scorch resistant, not totally. A trivet or pot holder is recommended to ensure that the countertops are safe from burns.

Silestone is very versatile

When it comes to versatility, silestone is near the top of the list. Not just countertops, the material can also be used on tabletops, vanities, floors, walls, fireplace surrounds, and many other surfaces. In addition, being highly durable and tough, silestone will stay strong for a long time.

Cooks and chefs like silestone because of its non-porous and stain-resistant properties. Also, being available in lots of colours and patterns ensures that it matches a kitchen’s existing aesthetic, colour scheme, and design. In addition, one can easily clean and maintain silestone countertops.

Cost of silestone countertops

For those who want to get white arabesque, silestone countertops installed in their kitchen will need to pay almost $50-$100 per square foot of the material. Prices may vary based on the quality grade, the thickness of the material, and the season.

Usually, the prices go down during the winter and fall seasons and are at the maximum during summer.

Alternatives for silestone white arabesque quartz countertops

Silestone quartz is a popular material for countertops, with homeowners worldwide using it. It offers a classic, elegant look to any kitchen and is versatile and durable. However, for individuals who want something different, many alternatives are available.

Marble countertops

Marble countertops look great, giving a royal vibe, but homeowners must be careful with them as they are porous and low on strength. Nevertheless, it is great for those who can maintain it properly.

Solid surface countertops

These are customizable and usually made to order. It costs lower than most materials but can get permanent damage from hot materials. A solid surface helps create seamless designs but is porous and gets stained frequently.

Soapstone countertops

A soft natural stone, soapstone countertops are DIY-friendly, providing warmth and a vintage feel to kitchens. Soapstone is non-porous, but it is quite soft and needs frequent maintenance.

Granite countertops

One of the best natural stone countertop materials, granite, is available in lots of styles and is low maintenance. It gives a shiny surface and also comes in leather finishing. However, being porous, it needs resealing at least once a year.

Arabesque silestone quartz: review & alternatives — Conclusion

People who prefer an elegant and beautiful look should look at white arabesque silestone. Apart from the multiple benefits and features discussed above, it comes with a written, guaranteed, long-term warranty.

Even though silestone can cost more upfront than other materials, it is definitely worth the investment in the long term and will transform the kitchen.