Are Dallas Cowboys Overrated?!


Only four weeks of NFL season are behind us, and many squads have surprised us, for better or worse. Bills have beaten Falcons in Atlanta, Panthers dealt a painful defeat to the Patriots, and Andy Dalton played like an elite QB.

Before the season started every team was thoroughly examined, and predictions were made. To say it bluntly, not many are following their preseason expectations. For example, there was a belief that an LA team is going to have a good start – the Chargers, not the Rams. Across the state, on the east coast, a NY was predicted to start at 0-4 – the Jets, not the Giants. Leaving those aside, the biggest surprise must be the Dallas Cowboys slow start.

Everything started brightly for the Cowboys. A dominant win in Week 1 vs. Divisional rivals NY Giants was a start to wish for. With Elliott on the field, they gave an impression of a Super Bowl candidate. Nobody could have guessed that Giants are actually out of tune, while Dallas outfit is nowhere near their last season performance.


In Week 4 vs. Rams they were favorites, but failed to deliver, lowering their chances of making the playoffs to 40%. In NFL’s power rankings Cowboys are down to eight place, which might be an overestimation considering their form and schedule. The 2-2 start is not considered a bad one in some situations, but in those four games they were trumped by Broncos, outplayed by Rams, and have one easy and one hard-won victory. The win against the Giants is significant, being a divisional rival, but Giants are terrible this year while Eagles and Redskins play fairly well. Looking at the schedules of the NFC East teams, Eagles, as the main rivals for NFC East top seed, have it easier than the Cowboys.

Philadelphia team plays Cardinals, Panthers, Redskins, Giants, and Broncos in the next five weeks before the bye. The Dallas Cowboys have a much tougher schedule on their hands. In the next six weeks (bye included) they play Packers, 49ers, Redskins, Chiefs, and Falcons. All of these teams are eyeing on the playoff and not without a good reason. To make things even more complicated/interesting for the America’s Team, after these games, they are facing the Eagles at AT&T Stadium.


With the way the things stand right now if the Cowboys play poorly on the defense and lack inspirational plays on the offense continues the season for them might be over before Week 10. And even, if they cling to the hope of the playoff after the Eagles match the schedule is still unfavorable to them. In the last six weeks of 2017 NFL Season, they play Chargers, Redskins, Giants, Raiders, Seahawks, and Eagles.

What do you think will the Cowboys reach the postseason?