Are The Cowboys The Favorites In Their Division?

We have to admit – just two weeks ago we thought that the Cowboys were dead in the water. You did too, admit it. They lost to the Tennessee Titans after a bye week, at home, in an embarrassing fashion. It seemed that there was no hope for this team that looked, and still looks, just average.

But, something changed in the meantime. It’s not like the Dallas Cowboys are a great team just two weeks later, but there are two things that might be the key for them. One is Ezekiel Elliot, there are no ifs, and, or buts about it.

The Cowboys simply decided that they are going to give the ball to the best player on their team. Well, who knew that he is a good player, right?! Clearly, the head coaching staff just found that out. This team featured him in their offense two straight times and the team looked good.

The second this is the fact that this division is god-awful. It’s just a fact. The Giants were playing like garbage for the majority of the year. Yeah, they have gotten some things together in the past couple of weeks, but they fell behind the pack right away, which is going to cost them the chance to fight for the crown.

The Eagles are looking worse each and every week. A loss to the Cowboys was surprising, pummeling by the Saints was predictable. And then, we have Washington who’s quarterback got hurt and who don’t have a lot of time to prepare for the Thanksgiving day game against The Boys.

It looks like this is the division that is there for the Cowboys to take it. Just two weeks after they looked done, The Boys are back in business.