Arizona Cardinals vs. Minnesota Vikings – Week 11 Picks And Predictions

Arizona Cardinals got the job done this past Sunday. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t pretty, but they did what they needed to do. They are still alive in their conference, but it’s not because of their good and consistent play. It’s just because other teams in the NFC have been slipping up.

Their poor performances left the door open for the Cardinals and even they almost closed for Arizona, there is still hope for this squad. They need to win pretty much each and every game they have left in order to put themselves in a good position to make the postseason. Maybe playing the Vikings isn’t that bad for them right now.

Speaking of this team, the Vikings are not looking like the crew we saw in September and early October. They can’t score, they are turning the ball over, and their defense can’t carry their offense anymore. Bradford’s weapons are injured and banged up, so we are not putting all the blame on him. Vikings have been good at the start of the season, and now they are the losers of four straight games.

They are still leading the division, which says a lot about the performance of Green Bay Packers. The way the Vikings have been playing, it’s almost a crime that Packers can’t overtake them. Bradford and company can still bounce back and win this division, they are still in a good spot, but they need to start turning that table as soon as possible.

Cardinals look like a better team now, but they are playing on the road. It’s tough to pick the winner here because we don’t trust either. Still, there needs to be a victor, at least most of the time we get the winner, so we are going to roll with Arizona to steal one from Minnesota. It’s going to be a tough defensive struggle, but Cards will take it with 23:21.