Arrow Season 6 Release Date & News

The series Arrow is very exciting mostly because of its unpredictability, or as its executive producer Marc Guggenheim would put it “They go where the story takes them.” We had the opportunity to see Cassidy character Laurel Lance killed, but afterward, she came back as Laurel’s doppelganger Black Siren.

Katie Cassidy first appeared on the Flash last season as Laurel’s evil doppelganger from another universe and Barry Allen, portrayed by Grant Gustin imprisoned her. She got released by Prometheus, played by Josh Segarra, but Oliver (Stephen Amell) caught her again in order to hand her over to ARGUS. Since it turned out that these two are not the same person, Oliver starts blaming himself for Laurel’s death and hopes to find inner peace if he changes Black Siren. This and numerous other events took place, and the fact that you can never know what will happen next is what attracts the audience and earns highly positive feedback.

Guggenheim added that the show was always evolving. They start off a season not knowing where it will take them and deciding on the spot which out of the innumerable creative choices they will pick. Executive producer Wendie Mericle and Guggenheim also mentioned that it wouldn’t be the last time to see Cassidy in CW’s huge four shows, such as Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Flash.

At the moment Katie is working on her role of Earth-1 Laurel Lance in CW seed’s animated series Vixen, Earth-2 “double” Black Siren on Flash and now she will be returning to this TV Series. Guggenheim said that death in these shows doesn’t mean goodbye and that there is a great likelihood we will see Katie again and again in the Arrow-verse family.

Arrow Season 6 Release Date

As far as its release date is concerned, a large number of fans should be patient just a little more, since Arrow Season 6 will return in October 2017 on CW.