Aston Martin RR Concept Seen In Its Full Glow

The legendary British automaker will launch Aston Martin Vulcan and the supercar named AM-RB 001, which is co-developed with Red Bull Racing. The complete output of both vehicles exceeds 800 horsepower and the aerodynamics of both cars is admirable. However, one designer believes that it would be perfect if Aston Martin assembled another supercar and added it to the lineup.

French rendering artist Adrien Fuinel designed the concept you can see here in the photos. He named it the Aston Martin RR, and it looks a lot like the Vulcan, but it has a body that is better suitable for public roads and which is sleeker, thus easily falling in line with the rest of the Aston Martin vehicles including the new DB11.

The engine of the RR concept would be located at the back, which is usual practice for supercars. Fuinel didn’t talk about the powerplant, but the perfect one for this concept would be the same V12 powerplant that can be found on almost all Aston Martin top of the line models. The RR concept may also come with the hybrid powertrain.

You can clearly see that the front grille is taken from the Vulcan, but the designer made it look more aggressive. The rear end comes with an integrated lip, and it is sculpted, while the side profile is streamlined. The car like this probably will not reach the production line, but it definitely draws attention with its cool design.

Speaking of Aston Martin supercars, the buyers still have a good choice between the Vulcan and the AM-RB 001, which if produced will be bombastic. We expect to see the new AM-RB 001 sometime this year, and if you are looking for an open-top variant, then you should know that the new DB11 Volante will debut this year as well.