Aston Martin V8 and V12 Vantage S Red Bull Racing special edition

The cooperation between Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing definitely gave one of the most beautiful looking cars there is. Red Bull inspired Marianna blue color looks just amazing on Aston, and the addition of some more Red Bull colors just make them even nicer. For example, the carbon fiber grille is rounded by the red stripe, and behind the rims, yellow brake calipers stand out as one more reminder of this innovative partnership.

The cooperation of the two companies gave birth to few other versions of the redesign in astonishing colors, and those are the Tungsten silver and satin Marianna Blue exterior paint combined with red brake calipers.

Ensuring that the paint is not the only thing that connects Red Bull Racing to Aston Martin, the cars feature some more details so that the cars will arrive with carbon fiber intake grill and rear diffuser as standard.

Interior is made special too, and there is some more carbon fiber to see inside, nicely combined with the Alcantara steering wheel, hand stitched bucket seats, and the head rests which have Red Bull Racing logos embroidered. One more detail is also offered, and now the buyers can get final inspection plate signed by one of the Red Bull F1 drivers Daniel Riccardo or the fastest Dutchman on earth Max Verstappen.

The two models, V8 and V12 versions have already been revealed, and the purpose of those is to celebrate the “innovation partnership” of Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin. The date for the public debut is set for the 2017 Australian Grand Prix in March.

Price and release date

The price of the redesigned vehicles will off course mostly depend on the engine that you choose, and there two several options. The smallest engine in the offer is 4.7-liter V8, and the starting price for the Australian market will be just under $260,000, while the more potent 5.9-liter V12 will start just under $423,000. The prices are just a little higher than a standard Aston Martin S models, however, the engine power will remain unchanged for the redesigned ones.

Aston Martin announced that the models will be available for the Australian market in the second half of 2017, but the buyers can place their offers immediately. The priority will be given to the customers from Australia and New Zeeland.