What’s the Difference Between Atlantic City and Las Vegas?


The two cities, Atlantic City and Las Vegas, are undoubtedly the gambling hearts of the USA. The two cities though very similar in providing plenty of wedding locations, casinos, adventure spots, bars, and a large variety of food options to choose from, stand their differences. They both are easily accessible and are known for their life elevating and forgetting worries qualities. Visitors and tourists specifically go there for a night out at a casino to indulge in gambling, drinking, and making decisions that they are sure to regret the other day. Gamblers are seen gathering around at the two cities all around the year. If you are one of the gamblers who are in the town and looking for the finest night of your life, you can find the best online casino at BestCasino.com.

Although both Atlantic City and Las Vegas are pretty awesome in providing their visitors with the best casino and gambling options and a bright and colorful nightlife, there are some major ways in which the two towns can be differentiated. Here are some of the key factors setting them apart

1) Number of Casinos


While I have already said before that both the towns offer casino and gambling attractions to their visitors, there are only ten casinos offered by the Atlantic city. This is probably because Atlantic city never really had many of them in number, although the functional ones provide gamblers the quality they are looking for. Yet, there have been some remarkable letdowns and failures that led to such a decline in the number of functional nightclubs and tourism businesses.

In contrast, there are a large sum of high-quality casinos close to Las Vegas and more than thirty nightclubs or casinos within the city that give the gamblers all the fun-nightlife opportunities they have been in search of.

2) Location of Casinos


If you are a true gambler, you would know that most of the casinos people think of being located in Las Vegas are actually located in a separate city from Las Vegas named Paradise. Since the two cities are so close to each other, travelers don’t find out that they have stepped foot in paradise rather than Las Vegas.

Paradise is having more areas than Las Vegas but is smaller in population. It is thought to be a gambler’s paradise located on the Earth in NV. Unlike Las Vegas, all the casinos located in Atlantic city are indeed not shared with a gambling neighbor town, making the two towns differ in this regard.

3) Easy availability of other forms of entertainment

Besides providing the tourists with gambling and casino opportunities, both cities also give them access to other forms of entertainment. Las Vegas, in this regard, has the advantage of being located close to the Grand Canyon. This difference enables tourists to enjoy the desert and plan plenty of other day tours and trips outside the area of Las Vegas.

In contrast, Atlantic city is located close to the sea as it sits on an island near the Jersey shore. As it is near the shore, it provides tourists with the opportunity to watch dolphins and other sea creatures and rent cruises and other charter ships and boats.

In addition to this, Las Vegas has one more advantage over the Atlantic city that makes it the prime location for tourist attraction. Tourism in Atlantic city peaks in summer due to the cold oceanfront. Whereas, the weather is moderate in Las Vegas all year round, making people visit it more often than Atlantic city.

4) Atlantic City has a negative tourist perception


Atlantic City has faced many challenges in overcoming the setbacks due to its unearned negative repute among tourists and visitors since any part of the world that suffers from a decline in economy loses the tax revenue. This, in turn, means a decline in the city’s upgrading and upkeep. Tourists that visit Atlantic city often complain that it looks dirtier and less maintained than Las Vegas. Atlantic City has faced plenty of challenges in overcoming the stereotype portrayed as a crime-infested and slum-laden town.

One of the prime reasons Las Vegas is free from this negativity is that only its residents complain about it, whereas tourists rate the Atlantic city badly and poorly. The difference in the two perceptions is the prime reason behind the standings of these two towns.

Since Las Vegas stands in a clearly better position amongst tourists and visitors, it has more capital flow. It has more money available to its economy, giving it the advantage over Atlantic city in urban improvement, development, maintenance, and services.

5) New Jersey is superior to Nevada


When the two cities are compared, we often hear tourists and visitors say, ‘New Jersey Is Nothing Like Nevada.’ This is because the two states differ in the environment they have to offer to the tourists. While New Jersey provides a wet environment because it lies on the north Atlantic coast, Nevada is a desert area offering a dry and hot environment to its visitors. But this is not the only difference giving New Jersey superiority over Nevada.

Nevada has a lot of states surrounding it, and it is, in fact, the meeting point for major routes. Most of the people must pass through Nevada, but this is not the case with New Jersey. It sits off a major route, and travelers and visitors usually bypass New Jersey. In addition to this, New Jersey has a greater population than Nevada, whereas Las Vegas has 16 times the population in Atlantic City.

Another thing that differentiates Atlantic City from Las Vegas is that tourism is not the main industry for Atlantic city. On the other hand, Nevada thrives on visitors and tourism and the casinos in Las Vegas for its economy and industry.

Undoubtedly, the two states stand their differences, but Las Vegas and Atlantic City are famous for being the prime sites for gambling and tourist attractions. They both offer a lot to their visitors and are known among the world’s cities for their exclusivity and uniqueness.