Attack On Titan premiere date, season 2, plot details

The first season of Attack on Titan has gained much praise after its debut which opened the door for the anticipated Season 2. The sequel to the extremely popular anime series attaches to the on-goings from the previous season to some extent and revolves around Eren Yeager‘s attempts to reveal certain things related to his past and his family.

However, the rumors also have it that installation to the storyline will also be a deviation from the plot and take a different turn once Eren learns more about his dark past. For that reason, the new upcoming season is expected to have many twists and turns and keep the viewers fired up.

The main source of all secrets seems to be the cellar of Eren’s father – Dr. Grisha Yeager, where Eren will find some mysterious objects that could lead him to the truth. Some of these objects are the mysterious journals kept by Grisha and Eren, which guide him to keep his eye peeled to a certain photo these journals contain. What is hiding behind this image remains to be seen in the upcoming Season 2. Eran’s quest for his past will make the sequel not only intriguing but also emotionally charged. The series will also focus on the Titan battle, who are Eran’s sworn enemies and who continue to wreak havoc in this sequel as well.

Premiere date – Attack On Titan Season 2

Three years after the first season of Attack on Titan was aired, the time has now come for the premiere date of Season 2 which is expected sometime in 2017.